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I have two children. My daughter Jennifer is 27 and my son Christopher is 25. And two step-sons, Trevor and Adam ages 24 and 26 along with their beautiful wives Emily and Julie and their babies, Noah and Madisyn. I also have I've been married for 12 years to my husband Gary. I'm a full time Junior High Language Arts teacher and stamping is one of my passions. All products I use are from Stampin' Up! Be sure to visit my Stampin' Up! website to view my calendar of events by clicking on the link to the right!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Forest Halloween and a Little Friend

 Hello All,

I thought before the day ended I'd post my Halloween creations before the doorbell rings with more trick-or-treaters.  You know, it is Halloween all the way up until midnight!  :)  I made this first card with the Haunted Forest stamp set that you can find in the currenet Holiday Mini. (Click on the botton on the right to download the catalog.  You can also find these buttons in the same catalog.  It is from the Autumn Spice suite.  Another one of my favorites.

Just below the photo of the card is a pumpkin that I decorated for my school's pumpkin decorating contest.    Needless to say, I didn't win...that honor went to our Art teacher.  Her pumpkin was awesome, but...I still like mine better.  :)

Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween.

Thanks for looking.


Monday, October 10, 2011


OMG!!! I can't believe it has been this long since I last posted.  Needless to say, I have been very busy.  The middle of August had be returning to school, and I have been running to catch up ever since.  I've switched to teaching a new grade this year, 8th, and the curriculum is totally different so I have actually had to "read" the stories I've been teaching!  :)  All of the literary stuff is the same as 7th grade with some additions, but the reading has really kept me busy.

After the 3rd week of school, I had to get all of the kids in the school tested in reading, and then there was a writing assessment we had to do.  Of course, all of these assessments are hand scored, so...guess what else I've been up to?

School isn't all I've been doing lately.  I have managed to get a little time in stamping.  Thank goodness, otherwise I wouldn't be able to maintain my sanity.  I started a monthly stamp club in September.  We are still looking for a few more members if anyone in this area are interested.  Another thing that took up a lot of my time was an annual Stampin' for a Cure event that I and several other local demonstrators sponsor each October.  It is a fundraiser event for our local chapter  of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  We charge a fee for participants to come to one of two sessions, a.m. or p.m., to stamp.  This year participants made 7 awesome projects.  We also solicit donations from local business for snacks and beverages and silent auction items.  We also do drawings for huge baskets filled with Stampin' Up! product.  It is a lot of work, but also a lot of  fun.  This year, we raised over $6,000.00, but that wasn't even the final total. So I am sure we raised a whole lot more.  There is a photo of the card I designed for the event at the bottom of this post along with a few other special photos. 

I also became a Nonna for the second time in three months.  Back in June, my oldest step-son and his girlfriend had a beautiful baby boy, Noah.  And just recently, my youngest step-son had a baby girl, Madisyn.  I will post photos at the end of this post.

Thanks for stopping by!